The Geological Congress of Turkey, which began in 1947 and is a long established, respected scientific event for earth sciences in Turkey, will be held for the seventy-first time at the METU Culture and Convention Center on 23-27 April 2018.

This year the main theme of the conference is “Geology and Health”. Therefore, special sessions and panels will be organized related to the fields of Medical Geology, Environmental Geology, etc. Interesting topics will be discussed and important guests will join us during the conference. The common living environment of all living organisms is under the influence of the biosphere, troposphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere, and in truth all these layers are closely related and affect each other. When taken as a whole in this respect, the common domain of these layers encompasses a single phenomenon: The Biogeochemical Environment.

Whether scientific or philosophical, if the statement “the quality of water is the same as the rocks it passes through” is true; it is impossible that the health of all living beings and human health are not affected by“biogeochemical environment”. The examination of this biogeochemical environment is only one of the main tasks of geology and the health problems of the living beings affected by this environment are included in the basic field of medical sciences (medical, veterinary, etc.). In the last 50 years, with this knowledge and consciousness, an interdisciplinary field of research has emerged in many countries of the world: Medical Geology! This area, which has been evolving in our country in recent years and has begun to develop rapidly, forms an important intersection between geology and medicine, and common projects are being developed between these two sciences. We believe that the most important conditions for preserving and maintaining the natural biogeochemical environment of all living beings, that is increasingly industrialized and inhabited, will be made possible by expanding the intersection of geology and health sciences and developing new multidisciplinary work areas. In this regard, we expect participation and contribution of all scientists from medical and veterinary sciences, biology, agriculture, geography and chemistry, as well as the geological sciences, at our congress this year.

The traditional foundational subjects of the Congress, such as Regional Geology, Basic Geology, Applied Geology, Economic Geology, Disaster and Disaster Management, will be discussed at this Congress as usual. The “Student Session” which was held for the first time at the seventieth conference will continue this year under the name of “Geoscientists of the Future”. For the first time this year a “Master’s Session” will be held, in which the veteran names from our country who have served in the field of geoscience in the past, will share their experiences in scientific, historical and philosophical talks.
As the Organizing Committee; we sincerely invite all scientists who are directly or indirectly related to geological sciences, and in particular “Geology and Health”, to our congress and gratefully encourage participation at the congress. We would also be happy to hear from any volunteers who wish to organize a private session or an exhibition, panel or social event within the congress.

We invite all with an interest in science and goodness to this longestablished scientific meeting in Turkey, organized for the seventy-first time, the 71st Geological Congress of Turkey…

On behalf of the Organizing Committee